How much is the computing cloud per month?

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1. What is the best way to describe cloud computing? How are cloud computing hosting services different from paying for a fixed amount per month for bandwidth and storage for regular hosting?

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How much is the computing cloud per month?


Cloud computing can be best desccribed as web server. And a web server is a place where data are stored and the source of information of just about everything.

It can also be best described as a savings Bank. What you stored in the bank is what you have. You can withdraw, save, deposit and invest in the form of data. You will going to enjoy the best of you in cloud computing. You don't need to buy the whole bank to make use of this feature however, you will get most of the benefits the bank offers.

Banks charged you per transaction if you withdraw money from the 3rd parth ATM booth. But unlike banks, cloud computing cost you per hour, monthly or per bandwidth used. An hourly charge can cost you as low as $2.77 up to $39.64 but this depends on how big large storage you subscribed.

At around 376 MB up to 250GB will cost you starting from $19.96 up to $285.41 in a monthly basis, again it depends on the product you have selected. This is cheap compare if you invest and buy hard drive as storage not to mention the security is hard to access. The popularity of cloud computing is soaring and the more you make used of this product the more you will get and experienced more benefits this offers you.

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