How to Migrate form Operating System

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I have bought a new computer where it was shipped with Windows 7 and I am not so comfortable with that. So I am looking for shifting to Windows XP before I dump my huge files onto my computer, where doing it in the later point may make it more tough, where I need to take back ups.

So please guide me to install Windows XP. I can even Google it but I just wanted to rely on expert comments, to make sure my brand new computer stays safe.

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How to Migrate form Operating System


I would like to suggest that Windows 7 is a perfect operating system, with all user friendly attributes and options available, it makes it a more suitable operating system than its previous versions. But however, if you wish to long for XP, then kindly follow the installation steps mentioned below. But before installing the Operating system, make sure your computer manufacturer recommends the OS migration, since some companies say the warranty for software support is not applicable, if the OS is changed from to factory image.

For installing the XP you need a Windows XP operating system Disk.

Back up files if you have any. Put in the XP installation disk into the CD Drive and then restart the computer. Before that try to check out the manufacturer site, for the Key combination to enter the BIOS Setup.

Restart your computer. Once when it turns on, again start tapping the key that you have obtained from your computer manufacturer, which leads you to the BIOS page. We need to enter the BIOS page, in order to change the Boot priority, to boot from disk for proceeding the XP Installation.


On BIOS Page switch to the Boot Screen, using the arrow keys and then try to change the boot priority 1, to CDDVD Drive. Then press F10 to save and Exit the setup.
Now the setup will restart automatically, at that time you may see a screen which says, "Press any key to boot from Disk". Now press enter to acknowledge it.

After that, you can see a bunch of files being copied to the Computer and after that comes, the End User Agreement. Read and Select I agree. After that you will have a self guided text, that may provide you steps on what to do, to proceed and complete the installation.

It asks whether to do a repair installation or fresh installation. Select fresh installation.

After that, you may notice the partitioning option, where if you wish can start to partition the hard disk space as per your choice and then it asks for a folder to install the XP OS. Now you need to select the Drive where Windows 7 is already present. So that this would completely format that Windows 7 and install XP.

Trying to install Windows XP as a Dual operating system, by not deleting the Windows 7. This is so problematic, where after the installation it may never allow you to boot up. The best option to have Both Win XP and Windows 7, is that first install the Windows XP and then when you try to install Windows 7, it asks whether to delete the old version or upgrade form it or have both. Select, have both, so that you can have both Windows 7 and Win XP without clash.

On to Win XP installation now. After formatting, the system restarts again and asks to press any key to boot from CD. Now please don’t press any key. It will take you to the installation automatically.

Now you may see the installation setup up, status display and at the end of the installation, you need to enter the license key and also set the Time zone. You may also create an account at that time or later.

Now your computer restarts. At this time make sure that you enter into BIOS and change the Boot Priority 1 to Hard Disk. Press F10 to save and Exit.

The computer restarts and you may find the computer boots on XP. That’s it mission accomplished.

We are done. After that, if you feel you need Windows 7, install Windows 7 as I said. Since I said it’s a perfect Operating system with enhanced graphics, which you would really love.

Enjoy Computing. Have a Good Day.

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How to Migrate form Operating System


Thanks James for your time.

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