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How many kinds of IP I have if I use internet? I know I can change IP with IP hider software but I don't know which IP I can change and which I can't. Please give me the solution if any body know about this.

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In case of using internet you can have only one ip address not more than that.  So the ip hider software changes your ip to a randomly generated ip of other country so that you are not traced in the internet. However, you can change your ip manually. To do that go to network and sharing center in the control panel of your pc and under view your network connections tab there is "connections:" an there is the name of your isp. Click on that link and a new window will come. Click on properties. In new window click on Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click properties then select Use the following ip address radio button in the new window and write your new ip address you want to change to there. Then hit OK and you aredone.