How to make secure streaming from amazon s3?

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How can I create secure streaming from Amazon s3 using CloudFront?  I need my distribution to bind with the  access identity of cloud front which can limit s3 bucket.  Please help.

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How to make secure streaming from amazon s3?



By default, the objects you have stored in Amazon S3 remain private to you but it also includes several options for controlling access. You can modify each bucket’s permission to allow others to access the files it holds. You need to select S3 from the Amazon Web Services management console, then choose a bucket and click on the Permissions tab. You can add new levels of permission from here.

Amazon S3 has also the ability to limit access according to IP address through a bucket policy. You can also limit the access to the set of IP addresses associated with a library.

Also, please make sure to have multiple copies of all essential files and processes in place to ensure that your backup files are up-to-date. 

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