Difference between cloud SLA and SAAS SLA.

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Hi guys,

I would like to know what all are the major things to be noted in a good agreement of cloud computing service level.

Can you explain what are the difference between cloud SLA and SAAS SLA that are prominent?  

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Difference between cloud SLA and SAAS SLA.


In a cloud computing service level agreement, following should be included

  • Business level objectives
  • Responsibilities of both parties
  • Business continuity/disaster recovery
  • Redundancy
  • Maintenance
  • Data Location
  • Contingency plan for provider failure
  • Jurisdiction

SAAS SLA is a kind of a cloud SLA. SAAS means Software as a service.

This is one of the cloud service



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Difference between cloud SLA and SAAS SLA.



Also known as Software as a Service, this is one way of a software delivery that allow data to be accessed on any gadgets throughout the web and of course with your internet connection.

Also a web based service that grant individual software vendors and maintain their servers, database and any coded that attribute of an application.

SaaS also a terminology often used to describe a storage model where a certain client can host or lease storage via online. Relevant function of SaaS is to perform multitask on storage basis like data backups and file transfer.


Stand for Service-Level Agreement that serve as a contract between a network service provider also known as host and a client on what certain services that the network service provider can furnish or maintain throughout the period of time. SLA also considered as justification to any customers for them to be measured, justified and compared with those outsourcing Network Company.

Difference of SaaS and SLA

The thing that differ in this two term are simply stated that the SaaS is a service provided by the host networking company to their customer while SLA is a contract given by the networking company as part of SaaS service offered throughout their client that serve as their basis on what services need to provide and maintained.


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