How to make a folder protected from unauthorized access?

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I have some personal data which I want to store in a folder.

It should be protected in such a way that no one can easily open it without permission.

How can I make it more secure?

I tried different software to make folder protected through passwords. But none of the software was working.

In Windows 7, there is an option of making drive protected through password but that also requires too much space.

Is there any GOOD and more efficient way of making folders protected?

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How to make a folder protected from unauthorized access?


The simplest method, is that you create a guest account for other users and make its access limited, so other users can't access your personal data.

If you feel odd to do that, then simply  right click the folder and go to its properties and then click the tab of sharing where you see the option of making it private.

Simply mark it and save it, your folder will be private. Or the other way is to make your folder hidden to others from properties and if you want more security, then you have to use some other security software, to make it secure like "Axcypt".

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How to make a folder protected from unauthorized access?


In Window, who can do what with a file or a folder could be restricted.  Open Window Explorer, right click a folder and choose Properties and then the Security tab. 

The properties of a folder named ""books"" on my machine can be seen and please find attached file for your reference.  
Who can access to that folder could be restricted.  The default is set up so that anyone can see the contents of the folder. 
However I can remove the authority and further restrict on which users can access on an account-by-account basis, 
And whether other users can see, read and modify the contents. But this is based on Windows user accounts. 
If you can fully access to the files via your account, as I assume you would, then other users who can login as you can, 
Still can access the files. In fact, no password could be set up on the folder.  
You can use your login password to login that access to the file is authorized.


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How to make a folder protected from unauthorized access?



You could try to use Folder Guard, which is a great security software to control access to folders, files and any other Windows resources e.g. Start Menu, Control Panel etc. All personal files and folders could be locked with passwords and FG can stop other unauthorized users from looking into your files
All private folders could even be completely hidden from all applications and those folders would remain virtually invisible unless valid passwords entered.  Also, some sensitive system files could be protected from destruction or modification, access to Control Panel disabled and access to removable drives restricted so on.
Virtually any file or folder can be protected with a password and only authorized users are allowed to open, read and modify the files. The number of protected folders and files is unlimited.
Each file and folders has its password, or you can unprotect all files and folders at once by using the Master Password of FG.
By the way, Windows 7 is fully compatible with FG.

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