How to make anaglyph movie video?

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How to make anaglyph movie video? Can you explain some points about anaglyph movie video? I was told by our multimedia professor to make some samples anaglyph movie video but I don’t have any idea how to make it. I need you advice and suggestion about this matter. I hope you can help me. Thank you.


Janet Campbel.

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How to make anaglyph movie video?


 Making an anaglyph video or movie, is not a tough job. Yet, is the new concept of some person as you are new to this concept of anaglyph video. By anaglyph video or image I mean that image which has the effects of 3 dimensions. In other words, it would be a 3D image or video and is commonly known as anaglyph video. 

An anaglyph video has two different color effects for each eye and with which we look that object as 3D object. This is all about the anaglyph video is. Now, for making an anaglyph video you need several cameras which can give 3D effect to your videos, which is not possible as an individual can not do this.

However, if you really want to make an anaglyph video then there are some softwares which you generally find out over the internet and they would help out you, that how to convert a normal 2D video into a 3D movie.



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