How to leverage a CDN

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Please explain how to leverage a CDN in order to accelerate content deliver to the users. The file that needs to be delivered has a requirement that it needs to be encrypted at rest

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How to leverage a CDN


utilize in order to accelerate the CDN content delivered to the user:
When the client to download a web page, then the client will send a http request to the destination server, and then the server responds by sending the files are downloaded. The download speed depends on several factors, one of which is the distance between the server and client. The farther the distance the server from the client, then the longer the transmission response. Vice versa, the closer the distance between the server to the client, the faster is the web page download time.

Function CDN (Content Delivery Network) in this case is to minimize the download time needed by the client, because the CDN itself is a network of servers located in different parts of the world, therefore the server that is closest to the client will be prioritized to send the requested file.

For example, someone who was in Jakarta is opening a web / blog are hosted on U.S. servers. When the web / blog is not using the CDN, the web page download time depends on the distance between Jakarta – USA. Meanwhile, when a web / blog uses a CDN to host his files, then the nearest CDN server with a client (eg in Singapore) which will serve the delivery of the requested file, so the time required will be getting shorter.

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