How to install a video card

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I want to upgrade my computer desktop.  I need to install a video to replace an old one.  How do I install it? 

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How to install a video card



To install a new video card, follow these steps:
1.Unplug the whole computer set.(AVR and other power sources should be unplugged)
2.Open the CPU casing using a screwdriver.
3.Remove the old video card carefuly.
4.Insert the new video card into an AGP or PCI slot in your motherboard carefuly.(Make sure that the break in the slot and the video card slot matches or it may damage your video card.)
5.Plug your PC, start it up and its done. Enjoy your new video card! 🙂
NOTE: Make sure that there are no connection through an electricity source or you might get shocked.
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How to install a video card



Please follow these steps to install a new video card on your computer.

>> Switch of the computer’s power.

>> Open up the computer case.

>> Remove the old card and place the new card in the AGP slot.

>> Close the computer case.

>> Plug the monitor cable in the slot.

>> Power the computer

>> Install the driver for the card that you’ve inserted.

Some card drivers are automatically detected and installed automatically by the computer.

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