How to install MySQL 5.0 on Windows XP?

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Hi experts, I want to install MySQL 5.0 on windows XP? Will you please provide me a step by step solution? That I could do this easily?  


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How to install MySQL 5.0 on Windows XP?

Hello Christ,
You will do the subsequent steps otherwise you can move to this address 
And you'll get some ideas.
You can transfer MySQL five.0. Latest version from
It is named as: mysql-essential-5.0.16-win32.msi
Go to the subsequent steps to put in it to your laptop. 
  1. Run the MSI file and use the subsequent settings.
  2. Typical Setup
  3. Skip Sign-Up
  4. Make sure ""Configure the mySQL server now"" is checked.
  5. Detailed Configuration""
  6. Developer Machine""
  7. Multifunctional Database""
  8. InnoDB Tablespace Settings"" – leave everything defaulted
  9. Decision Support (DSS)/OLAP""
  10. Make sure ""Enable TCP/IP Networking"" is checked and leave the port range at 3306 (at now, if you've got a firewall, it'll sometimes try to access itself on the local host)
  11. ""Standard Character Set'""
  12. Check ""Install As Windows Service""
  13. I recommend the departure ""Include Bin Directory in Windows PATH"" checked to
  14. Enter your root positive identification
  15. Then hit ""execute"" and it´ll install and set it up.

Getting PHP5 to figure with mySQL

Unfortunately, PHP5 removed constitutional support for mySQL. Therefore, you´ll have to be compelled to copy some files by hand. Open the folder you unzipped your PHP to. Copy thelibmysql.dll file (should be settled like c:php5libmysql.dll ) into your Window´s System folder (usually C:WindowsSystem32 though could be c:WinNTSystem or something). 

Then open up your php.ini in a very text editor and search for;extension=php_mysql.dll and take away the; ahead of that line. 
Do a similar for ;extension=php_mbstring.dll while not the mbstring extension phpMyAdmin is unable to separate strings properly, and it should end in surprising results. 
Restart Apache and see if you get any errors. If it complains aboutphp_ mysql.dll. Either your extension directory isn´t correct or windows can´t notice libmysql.dll
If you don´t need to maneuver files outside your php5 directory, you will conjointly add the php5 directory to the trail on Windows. Please browse through the subsequent article in a way to try this.
Examining MySQL is not exactly easy. But the usual connection strings for PHP and CGI are grouped together. I will suggest downloading the phpMyAdmin and oppress it to make and supervise your databases and more.

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