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I am currently using Windows Vista on my personal computer and I would like to install Fedora Linux so that I will have two operating systems on the same hard disk. How do I accomplish this?

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You can run two operating systems at the same time. There are two systems to do this.

1. Dual boot.

2. Using virtual box

I think the virtual box is better than dual boot system.

If you want to use dual boot, at first install Fedora Linux then you install windows vista again. The installation drive must be same & when you install windows vista not format the drive. Then when you open your computer you will see to select one from two options. Select any one to start the computer.

And if you like virtual box, at first download Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager latest version. Don’t worry this is a freeware software. Install it + insert the Fedora Linux CD on the optical drive. Click new +Next button + type a virtual name + select your operating system(Linux) + Version(Fedora) + click next button + select RAM size + next button + select your hard disk option+ select any size( what do you want).

Then install a new operating system as a virtual machine.