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I have 3 computers in my office.

One on the 1st floor and another two on the 2nd floor. Also we have 3 laptops used by my employees. How can I set up Internet WiFi network between these computers? Do I have to buy any hardware for it or can I just use a wireless LAN card? And I want no interruption while I use the network.

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Both options work but if its WiFi you are going to setup, then I suggest that you buy a wireless router.

Solution 1:

The router is much easy to install and configure. With the help of the installation and configuration CD guide of the router all of this setting up is just a piece of cake. Simply follow all the instructions in the manual. A computer is needed to do this. You also need your Modem to be plugged into  the WAN port, anyway it will all be said in the manual.

Solution 2:

Check the Internet on how to make your computer a WiFi hotspot. It depends on what operating system you are running and you also need to have a wireless adapter attached to your PC.

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Wireless interruptions is the most common problem with wireless connections or in a computer networking in that sense.  Interruptions can't be prevented however, you can limit the ranging hits from happening.
You'll need to have a networking device, such as router, switch or hub. This has to be installed and connected to your cable modem which is the source of your Internet.
Configure this router and set-up the settings to Static IP Address. This is the most Internet protocol used when you are subscribed to business account. Often internet interruptions are limited to non-at-all sometimes.
Set-up a network security key, either WEP OR WPA. This allows your worker connects to your Wi-Fi with secured network. This also restrict unwanted wireless hikers, who use your Internet connection for free and sometimes, the cause of Internet constant interruptions.


Sharath Reddy

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If you need to build a simple LAN at your home with the use of WiFi, it's good that you buy the Wireless LAN Card and plug it on one PCI slot available from your motherboard and install the hardware of it. Then I'll recommend you buy the Linksys E42004-Port Gigabit Wireless N Router where you can connect the Internet Service Provider line.
And also, if you want to restrict the wireless connection only from your area, you must have to enable its Mac-Address Table setting and input there every MAC Address of your computer and Laptops. Other option is by using of cable. Put the Laptop in one area where the Wireless Router is located, and use cables to connect the other computer if you don't want to buy Wireless LAN card.
Using cable for connection is much faster than using frequency waves like wireless connection because there are some situation where frequency waves rate become slow and sometimes fast. So, you're a fan of downloading apps, movies, and anything, it's more prefer that you will
use cable for your computer.
But if you're just doing chatting, email, and research, wireless is also good.

Nelson Harnandez