How I can remove format of web text?

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I would like to copy and paste text from one web site to another web site but problem is formatting. After copying the text when I paste it another web site then come with previous format like bold, italic, heading etc.

How I can remove all format before pasting it another web site.

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How I can remove format of web text?


Using correct text format at your website is very important.

you can remove heading, bold, italic, links and other formats by first pasting your content into text file like notepad and copy from there and paste at your website.


copying into your notepad file will remove all the formatting and you can easily reuse your content at other website.


or you can visit and download their editor that also allows you to clear the formatting of the content.

Tinymce is another javascript editor that allows you to edit your content and clear any formatting in the text. Check their website at

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