How I add graph with sum?

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I am using Windows 7 starter and practice with MS Excel (MS office 2010 professional plus). How can easily add a graph with sum to show it's beside?

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How I add graph with sum?





This can be done easily by following the below steps:

1. Enter your data to be sum up in column A. Say your data starts from A2.

2. Write a formula as =Sum ($A$2:A2) in the cell B2

3. Copy paste the formula in the all the cells of B column

4. Now select the entire column B and Click on Insert from menu bar. Select the line graph for example and click Next, and again click Next.

5. Now select the Data labels tab and check the value check box which will display the return values on the preview graph

6. From here it is your choice of customizing the labels, selecting single axis or double axis, etc.

– Charle Faru


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