How to generate order reports in php?

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How to generate order reports in PHP? For I am studying some sample codes of PHP from the internet I was confused on how to generate order reports in PHP maybe because there are some codes that having an error specially when connected to database. I need your help anything that is related to this kind of topic, or any downloadable sample codes will help a lot.

Thank you experts.

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How to generate order reports in php?


Hi Danield,

To generate order reports first you have to connect your database with a query:

$query=mysql_connect (localhost, username, password);

In order to make ordering reports you need to use SQL join statements to join the tables on common attributes with something like (select * from t_marks AS m.

JOIN t_users as u ON m.user_id = u.user_id).

If you can paste the code you are dealing with then i can describe or check the problem. Mainly for sample codes just change the MySQL connection entities. Like username , password and make database in mysql first from which you want to connect the sample code.

Here are some tutorials and scripts that might help you:

Let me know if the problem still persists.

Hope it helps.

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