How to fix a printer?

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How to fix a printer?

I have a HP Deskjet F480 (All-in-one) printer. My sister decided to print some documents and I volunteer to do that because she didn't know how to operate the printer. After I checked and set the documents to be printed. I put the 10 sheets of bond paper to the paper tray of the printer and turn it on. I started to print the documents while printing, the paper starts to stack up. The printer show a message that it was "Paper jam" so I turned off the printer and start to think what I'm going to do it.

I checked the back portion of my printer and I saw a open lid that the paper located. So try to open it up and get the papers that was stack inside. After that I turned on the printer but I noticed that all the lights in the printer was blinking. What happen to the printer? How will fix it? Can someone help?

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How to fix a printer?


Hello Josephine,

A printer may be a useful office tool for printing documents so when it malfunctions, everything grinds to a halt. And doubly difficult is the frustration of not knowing how to figure things out when they have occurred, such as the blinking lights you mentioned on your HP Deskjet Printer.

  • All the lights blinking on your printer means only one thing. That there is a malfunction on your printer. You mentioned that the problem started with a paper jam. So you know that the error lights blinking lies in the paper jam. A portion or remnants of the paper may have stuck to the roller or ink cartridges, causing the initialization sequence to go wrong, thereby sending a signal to the printer’s CPU about a malfunction that needs to be addressed before continuing normally.
  • If you are sure that you’ve recovered all the bits and pieces of paper that got stuck inside, it’s time to do the “reset”. Verify that the printer is powered before unplugging the power cord, wait 20 seconds then press and hold down the “Power” button as you re-plug the power cord. Then release the “Power” button when the printer has switched on.
  • Another way is to unplug the power cord when the printer is switched “on”,  press and hold the # key & 6 key together while re-plugging the power cord, and releasing the buttons.
  • Visit this link to find out the cause of the blinking lights error. Additional documentation on how to use the utility is described in detail.
  • The print cartridge containing the print head may be jammed. Now do the procedure for installing ink cartridges by opening the access port containing the print heads. Check to see if the ink cartridge enclosure can be moved by hang freely. A jam may cause it not to return to its “home” position, causing the printer’s system to interpret the status as a general failure.

The above outlined steps are only quick checks that may or may not give you the answers to your questions. If you are still in a bind after doing all the suggestions, it’s time to contact your customer support representative to verify support for your particular printer brand. 

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How to fix a printer?


Dear Josephinelyn,

You can fix the error by checking these points:

  • Check all the printer that it contains no jam in any part.
  • Check that the moving parts in the printer are moving smoothly, and there is no jam in them.
  • Check that ink cartridge is fixed properly and is working properly.
  • If in previous paper jam you remove the paper forcefully then there may paper jam sensor error.
  • Align the print cartridge if there are more then one cartridge.
  • See that the right cartridge is plugged in the right side.
  • If the printer is still in warranty then you can replace it by another one or you can call your customer support manager to help you.

 I hope this will help you a lot to solve your problem.

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