How Fast Is Intel Core I7 Compared To Intel Core I3?

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I'm planning to upgrade my processor, but I'm quite confuse whether to go for Intel core i7 or will I go for Intel core i3; if there's really a big difference between the two processors.

 I want to know how fast is Intel core i7 compared to Intel core i3 in percentage?



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Hello Scott.Stephen45

Well the Core processors are an excellent choice but speaking of core i7 and core i3 in this manner is quite broad. Because in reality their are a lot of i7 and i3. You must be very specific with their processor, clock speed, Cache, etc… you even have to check the technology and graphics additions. And this also has to coincide with your current motherboard or else it will be useless and you will be purchasing another motherboard for that. But here is a SIte that will be able to help you with comparing such processors. You will just click 2 desired processors specifically then it will compare to it's roots.

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Hello Scott,

  • In technical aspect of Intel i7 processor and i3 processor which has different engineering architecture and design when it comes in developing more core inside Intel processor. The more core thus processor have the better it performs. To differentiate the Intel i7 processor it has 8 CPU, turbo mode, and large cache while Intel i3 processor only have 4 CPU and moderate cache.
  • When it comes to game performance on a single task in normal mode both processor are quite good performer. But when it comes to serious multitasking like opening applications, virtual machines, music, file sharing, burning and so on Intel i7 processor is the one you can rely on because of its aggressive behavior in manipulating more data. In giving percentage you well be the one will rate it. I’ll just give you a specific data shown below.

     Core(Threads)                             CPU clock rate                           L3 Cache

                                                                  Standard                                   Turbo

    Intel i3 processor                              3.1GHz                 N/A                  3MB
    Intel i7 processor                              2.8GHz               3.8GHz             8MB

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