How to exclude a locaion from search, Microsoft Forefront Enpoint Protection?

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I am using Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection as an antivirus on my laptop. There is this one cpp file that I need to use for my code. But MS Forefront Endpoint keeps on deleting the file from my computer as it thinks of it as malware. How can I exclude the location of that file from the search list of MS Forefront? 

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How to exclude a locaion from search, Microsoft Forefront Enpoint Protection?


By default, the Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Security scans all file types including folders for malware and in a new policy there are no exclusions or prohibitions. Though this is the default policy for a newly installed client security, you can exclude particular files, folders, or even file types from getting scanned.

You can do this by creating a new policy. To exclude that particular CPP file from real-time protection or auto-protect in other antivirus, create a new policy. Launch Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Security then select Policy Management tab. In Policy Management tab, click New then select Advanced tab. Under “Exclusions from malware scans”, click Add located next to “File and folder paths”.

Type the full path of the CPP file you want to exclude from the client security like for example: %SYSTEMDRIVE%cdb.exe or C:cdb.exe. If the path doesn’t exist or the variable is incorrect or doesn’t exist, the client security can’t enforce or implement the exclusion. Once finished, click OK. Continue adding exclusions until you are finished then click OK.

To apply or implement the policy to client computers, the policy should be deployed. To properly deploy the policy, please visit Deploying and Undeploying Policies.

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