How to encrypt a folder

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Hi am looking for someone who could help me to a set password for folders on my computer.

The operating system I have in my Computer is windows XP.

Is that possible first of all to set password for folders.

I have seen one of my friend using windows 7 has encrypted her files so hope that I may be able to do the same with windows XP.


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How to encrypt a folder


Off course you could do that with Windows XP very well .let me guide you on how to do that.

I would recommend you take a Backup of the file or save the password in your computer in a different place or way that you can remember since if you forget the password you will not be able to access the file or the folder.

Most of the older versions of windows operating system like Win 95, 98 do not have an option to set password for the files and folders.

So those who have that two OS need to download a third-party program to password protecte the files and folders.

But the version of windows that you are using that is windows XP has this option inbuilt.

Let me guide you through the steps to setup the password.

To encrypt a folder Just Right click on the folder and then Click on Properties.

When you get into the properties window Just click on Advanced Button.

You will be directed to the advanced window inside that select the option encrypt my Folder to secure data.

Once when you have selected the Option which I have mentioned just Click on OK.

Then it asks you to enter a password and then it again asks to type the same password to reconfirm.

That’s it you have done encrypting the folder that you wanted to be secure.

I hope the information that I have given would be clear and would better guide you to encrypt the folder


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How to encrypt a folder


Hi Mitchelle,

You can only encrypt folders on volumes that are using New Technology File System. NTFS is the standard file system of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows NT, and Windows 2000.

Here are the steps for encrypting a folder:

1. Click the Start menu, click Properties, then click Accessories, and select Windows Explorer.

2. Do a right-click on the folder of your choice and click on Properties.

3. Locate General tab and select Advanced.

4. FindCompress or Encrypt attributes, and under it, locate and select Encrypt contents to secure data. Click on OK.

5. Then click OK.

6. When Confirm Attribute Changes dialog box will appear,  follow one of the steps:

  •  If you only opt for the folder, select Apply changes to this folder only, and click OK.
  •  If you want the to include the contents with the folder, select Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files and click on OK. 

So the folder turns into an encrypted folder, files you make in this folder will automatically be encrypted.

However, this does not stop others from viewing the folder's contents.

It just stops others from opening the items of the folder and prevents them from copying or moving documents of the folder to a different location.



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