How to fix system restore point issue in XP SP2?

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Hay Guys,

I am running XP service pack 2 and having a critical issue while using it. The issue which has occurred to me is that I cannot restore my PC to any previous restore point. Whenever, I want to restore via restore wizard it starts to restore but in the end computer gives a message that no change has been made. I have tried this particular trick at several restore points but none of them was restored successfully.

To solve this problem I have de-fragmented my local disk C already but no gain. I also have fixed my windows registry at least in my theory with the help of C cleaner application. I even have checked the disk via chkdsk command but the issue is still alive. I have give up my efforts now to solve this issue because I do not know that what else should I do to solve it? And now I do not have enough money to re-install the genuine XP as I already have done two to three times in a single month due to this problem.

So, I want to inspect that how to fix system restore point issue in XP SP2?

Kindly help me if you can. I shall be happy to provide more information about the issue if demanded. Thanks and waiting for your suggestion.

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How to fix system restore point issue in XP SP2?


Hi Dilhara,

The System Restore feature on Windows gives users the ability to recover to snapshots of certain points where the computer was previously functioning, changes made, or simply back to the time when things were default and normal. When the feature malfunctions or fails to do the task assigned to it, we are left feeling completely in the dark. Here’s hoping that one of the suggestions gives you the answer you’ve been waiting for.

  • Checking if System Restore is available for your system

Despite being enabled by default for windows, there are times when a virus infection has wiped out the feature completely. You are unable to start System Restore, the System Restore tab is missing, or the System Restore service is not running when you run “services.msc”.

  • We will need to rename the System Volume Information folder in this regard. You need to be logged in as administrator to follow the succeeding steps.

Go to “My Computer>Tools>Folder Options”

Click on “View>Advanced settings”, check “Show hidden files and folders” and uncheck “Hide protected operating system files”

Look for the "System Volume Information" folder and rename it to another file name (SysVolinf as an example)

Reboot and do the same procedure for other partitions/drives if you have more than one. Restart each time you make the changes above.

  • Reinstall System Restore

Click on “Start>Run” and enter “%Windir%INF” without the quotes.

Look for the “SR.INF” file. Make sure the you have unchecked “Hide extensions for known file type” option on your “Folder options”.

Right click on the SR.INF file you just found, and click on “Install”.

Wait for it to reconfigure. Windows may ask you to insert the Windows Install disk so keep one in your drive bay for it to automatically install.

Restart windows when complete.

  • Enable/Disable System Restore

Go to Control Panel, select System restore, and on the System restore tab, click  “Turn off system restore on all drives” to disable system restore (All your previous restore points shall be deleted). Reboot and return to the settings again, and this time uncheck “Turn off system restore on all drives” to enable system restore.

Create a new system restore point to test and restore using the saved checkpoint.

  • Use Windows Registry Editor to enable/disable system restore

Run “regedit” without the quotes and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionSystemRestore.

Look for a "DisableSR" value and if it does not exist, go to the Edit menu

Select new DWORD value and create one.

Set the value to 1 to disable System Restore or 0 to enable System Restore.

  • You can also start Windows restore in safe mode by pressing F8 on boot, selecting safe mode:log on with administrative privileges and running “%systemroot%system32restorerstrui.exe” without the quotes.
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How to fix system restore point issue in XP SP2?


If there are any faults in your hardware components, system restore utility may not work well. (RAM, Cables…etc). Due to virus attacks also System Restore may go mad. There are many tools which can be downloaded from the internet to recover your System Restore. But be careful when you use them.

Try this also … go to run command in start menu and type “%SystemRoot%System32rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 132 %SystemRoot%infsr.inf ” in the text box. And run it. It may help you sometime.


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