How To Encrypt Emailsto Keep Them Safe From Anonymous People.

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Email is a medium to share privately as well as public information. It might contain some private information like bank account number and password, which you would not want anyone else to know other than the expected receiver. How to encrypt emails to protect your private information?

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How To Encrypt Emailsto Keep Them Safe From Anonymous People.


Encryption=> it is converting data into Cipher text, that can be understood by the sender and receiver is used to protect our private data from spam.

Email=> full form is electronic mail, used to exchange information between the source and destination via computer.

Why email encryption?

1) email is same as sending a postcard, but digitally.

2) When we send an email, it does take few seconds but in between, it passes through a big path.The government, ISP, etc. can read our emails.

3) Emails can constitute our bank account number, passwords and all the stuff that are private.You would not want anybody else to read your private information, other than the intended receiver. Thus encryption is done to protect your private information from spams.

How is email encrypted?

1) Infoencrypt

It is a free and web service that lets us encrypt or secure your personal emails. Just go to the official website, paste your text along with the encryption password.


It is a free extension forGoogle Chrome to send encrypted emails to anyone. These emails have an expiry time and not visible after that.


It is an email service. It is like other email sites; an additional feature is that encryption of emails can be carried out. .

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