How to draw a tunnel for childrens website?

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I’m a newbie web developer and currently working on a children’s website.

So, I was wondering if someone will guide me how to draw a tunnel for children's website?

Any kind of help would be appreciated.

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How to draw a tunnel for childrens website?



Hi, you did not mention the detail so it is hard to advice.

But as an expert of web software developer I like to advice you the way you may use. First you can use the picture method.

And that is just draw a picture or search and download from Google then use it in your site.

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How to draw a tunnel for childrens website?

Your question is vague and doesn’t really elaborate what tunnel you want.  Is it an image or a design that you wanted to achieve.  But since you mentioned it is for a children website, here are a few tips I came across the Web:
Use Bright, Attractive and Vivid Colors. Children are easily attracted to bright colors and can capture the child’s attention.
Give a Happy Mood.  Make sure that your page is cheerful, gives out positivity and is presented in happy manner.  You can add sound effects, a nursery rhyme maybe, or anything that can make your website festive.  Images of smiling kids and body language will enhance your website page and will give out a happy feeling.
Make Navigation Easy.  Don’t make it too complicated so that children can easily explore with little knowledge.  Make your visuals big like text and images and you may also add guides on how to navigate your website.
I'll show you some children's website that I frequently visit:
Now to be specific with your question on “tunnel” are you referring to an image?  If so, you can create a tunnel using Photoshop or you can download a random tunnel image in your web browser then edit it in Photoshop according to your intended design.

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