How to download ps3 small games?

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Last time I downloaded some PS3 small games but it didn’t go through for any reasons I don’t know it just pop out and never return to the downloading process. I want to know if how to download PS3 small games? I need a freeware version for me to enjoy all the features the PS3 has, all the games are much awaited to be played. I wish you can help me resolve this issue.


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How to download ps3 small games?


You wanted to download some PS3 small games. There are many ps3 games on the net. You can try from there. Some are good and may not give any headache to you in the process of installation and use. On the web you may find many pages and links that shall lead you for such kind of download, but most of them are affected by viruses and malware contamination and not at all safe for your PC. I tried to find some links for you that are secure. Try them:


You may need help with installation and other things. This video may help you:



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How to download ps3 small games?




The reason may be that the downloaded files are corrupted or not working or you don't have the platform running the PS3 games.

Follow the instructions below to verify the problem

1. Run the same game you downloaded on your friend's system. If it is working fine then there is some problem with your system. Ask the troubleshooter to solve the issue.

2. If it is not working on any other system also then read the game's documentation to check proper hardware and software requirements. Does your system meet all the requirements?

If no, upgrade your system.

If yes, follow the third step

3. Try to run the game in safe mode as well as compatibility mode in lower version of Operating system or at different screen resolutions.

If it still does not work then there is some serious issue with the installation files.


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