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I am a  new computer client. For proper protection to my computer I require Norton Antivirus. But I do not know how to download this Antivirus. Now I require the downloading procedure of this antivirus. This is more necessary for my computer defense.

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Hi! Amatin,

To protect your computer you can easily download Norton Antivirus program for your computer safety and to protect your computer from viruses. There are two options to download just click on this link.

 It will open a new internet explorer window. Here you can click on a link regarding Norton Antivirus 2011 Download Now after clicking on this you will get a new window with three options Run, Save, or Cancel.

You will have to click on save and the save the Norton Antivirus program on your computer's hard disk after completing installation you can easily run the setup and install it on your computer.

Note: Its very essential and necessary that you should update your Norton antivirus program with online updating this feature also include in your antivirus program where you can easily update your virus definition.

The second option is you should purchase a Norton Antivirus CD. and install it on your computer.

With thanks.

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Norton is a well known Antivirus. It helps you to protect your PC from spyware,viruses, Trojan etc. Internet continues to evolve, cyber criminals are getting more attentive in ways to target your PC with the harmful viruses and spyware. Norton Antivirus provides most powerful virus, and spyware protection.

By help of Norton you can do more without disruption. Download it from above mentioned sites.

Using free Anti viruses will not give the best efforts.

To want best performance buy a full internet security system from any computer sales Centre.

So, You can download it but I am advising you to buy a NORTON INTERNET SECURITY.