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I'm using Samsung Galaxy Y and have just updated my Opera Mini to Opera Mini 7. I'm having quite a problem using Opera Mini 7 like the application crashes often and it becomes a bit slow and lazy compared to what I have in Opera Mini 6. I want to downgrade it to Opera Mini 6 but I can't find it elsewhere on the net. What can I do to the downgrade Opera Mini?

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I'm sorry to hear that you're having a problem with the version of opera mini installed on your phone. Here are some links you can visit to get previous versions of opera mini for your Samsung Galaxy phone.
For new updates on Opera mini you can always visit their website at or
Additional information:
Currently Opera Mobile 12 had just been released with some new features. This version will have 3D graphics, location-based services and a camera in the browser. For more info you can visit this link.
This version will have 3D graphics, location-based services and a camera in the browser

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Hallo Herbert,

Downgrading Opera Mini 6 on Android can be a bit of a challenge. In case you have not already done so, you will need to try deleting the current version of Opera Mini and after that you can go ahead and then trying to install the jar Arkad posted. Note that you cannot be able to install an unsigned app over a signed one, and Jars are always unsigned. You can find the signature in the jar file.

It is also unlikely that the mods will give you a link to an old unsupported version. They may be of great help if you need to get current version working on your phone.

Hope this helps.