How does twitters work? Follow/Followers/Tweet etc?

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Hi experts,

How does twitter work? 

Follow / Followers/Tweet etc?

I am new to this but know how Facebook works Can anyone explain me how tweeter works.

What are followers ? 

Example when i click tweet in what happens.

What happens on the tweet profile etc.


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How does twitters work? Follow/Followers/Tweet etc?


Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service.

1. Tweets means a posts, up to 140 characters long, to show on Twitter.

(Through cell phone or computer)

2. Easy to use (free registration), pick a user name

(Your web page will be ‘ name here’),

and you also design’ your  home page.

3. Following means : you click the 'Follow' button on someone's profile, you are following them 

4. Followers means : some one following me (notify through email) and also shown on home page sidebar.


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How does twitters work? Follow/Followers/Tweet etc?


In order to use twitter, you need to sign up for the service. This is quite a simple step which will be done within a few minutes. You just have to go to the homepage of the website, and find the 'Sign Up' tab. Click on it, and a new web page will open, wherein you will have to register your log-in details, password, etc. You will also have an option of creating a short profile, and adding a profile picture to it. Once you are done with this simple sign up process, you are ready to start tweeting, follow your friends and promote your business.

In order to tweet, you will have to go to the homepage, wherein you will be able to type your 'tweet' – a 140 character message (this limit was set to make the service compatible to text messages). While you type your tweet, the interface itself will show you how many characters are left. You also get the option of following your friends, and inviting other people to follow you. In order to follow your friends (or some celebrity), you will have to go to the search options. You can either search your friends by their user name, or search them by their email id. In order to invite people to follow your tweets, you will have to send them the Invites. Tweeting regularly and adding a hint of humor to your tweets are some simple methods which can help you get more twitter followers. You can also send Direct Messages (DM) which can only be read by the person to whom you sent it. Similarly, you also have the option of replying to somebody's tweet by using the @reply feature.

Following on Twitter can mean one of two things – Twitter users whose updates you subscribe to (people you are following) and Twitter users who subscribe to the updates you publish (people who follow you, called your followers).

Every time you write a new update (or "tweet") and publish it to your Twitter profile, it's available for the world to see (unless you set your account to make your tweets private). Inevitably, there will be some people who are very interested in what you have to say and will want to know whenever you publish a new tweet. Those people can select the "Follow" button on your profile page to subscribe to automatically receive your tweets. That means when they log into their Twitter accounts, their Home pages will be populated with a chronological list of the tweets of everyone that they're following, including yours.

The same holds true for people that you choose to follow. When you log into your Twitter account, your home page will show a chronological list of tweets from everyone you have chosen to follow by clicking on the "Follow" button on their Twitter profile pages.

You can choose to follow (or unfollow) any Twitter user you want at anytime. Since permission or approval is not required, Twitter is a highly open communications and networking tool.

If you click tweet button it will transfer  you  to the website account on twitter.

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