How does OfficeScan deal with installation and reinstallation

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Hi everyone, 

I need to know one thing about OfficeScan. Have they ever dealt with a user that has been installed and then reinstalled? What happens in that situation? 

Please satiate my curiosity. Thanks, guys! 

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How does OfficeScan deal with installation and reinstallation



When a client has been reinstalled, it automatically has a different GUID (Globally Unique Identifier). Therefore officescan will attempt to create a duplicate of the client that has been reinstalled. Any offline client is automatically removed after seven days. This can be achieved by checking the “Enable automatic removal of clients” box. Just go to Administration, and then click inactive clients.


As you can see, you also have the liberty to set the number of days that the server will automatically remove inactive clients.

If however, you attempt to reinstall a client that you had previously removed, and the inactive client hasn’t been completely removed the server will tell you that the client already exists. In such a scenario you would have to manually uninstall the client.

I hope this helps you.

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