How does NVIDIA’s sync works with mobile?

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 I have heard a few days back that NVidia has launched G sync for mobiles. What is this Gsync technology? If this company has launched this lately for mobiles, then was it available previously for other devices too? If yes, then what type of devices comes under this category? How does Gsync works? What are the requirements for this new technology? How would I know that whether my mobile will be able to use this technology or not?

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How does NVIDIA’s sync works with mobile?


The NVIDIA G-Sync is NVIDIA’s proprietary adaptive sync technology designed primarily to remove screen tearing and the necessity for deterrent programs like Vsync. Screen tearing is eliminated by forcing a video display to adjust to the frame rate of the outputting device rather than doing the reverse which can be usually refreshed halfway by means of the process of a frame being output by the device.

Not many computing programs need more system resources other than games. Game developers constantly push the graphics hardware to its limits where the results are often less than desirable. There are times, when the GPU or the graphics adapter and monitor are out of sync and the GPU sends a frame halfway of a monitor’s refresh rate, the monitor ends up drawing parts or fragments of multiple frames on the display simultaneously.

This behavior can result in visually discernible artifacts called tears or the term tearing. Tearing is a form of distortion where objects on the screen look misaligned. You can enable vsync to keep your monitor and GPU in sync which triggers the GPU to send frames to the screen in sync with the monitor’s refresh rate which is usually around 60 Hz.

On the other hand, if you do this, while maintaining sync by means of utilizing vsync to eliminate tearing, it can introduce yet another artifact called stuttering including input lag. The good news, with the NVIDIA G-Sync monitor technology, it eliminates the stutter, tear, and input lag phenomena that troubles many PCs.

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