How does iobit undelete work

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According to description, the Undelete functionality can help me recover the deleted files and restoring the file to it’s original location. It says that the recovered file will be sent back to the original folder where it previously belonged. I tried this feature but it did not work for me. My question is, how does IObit undelete work exactly?

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How does iobit undelete work


Hello Dibri Avery,

Iobit undelete the work if you take some steps.

Firstly you have to start advance system care.

Secondly select the toolbox menu and click.

Thirdly click on the repair sub menu.

Fourthly you will see the undelete option and click it.

Fifthly you will have to select the location and then undelete option will be started.


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How does iobit undelete work



How all of these kinds of software work is by recovering the hidden data on your hard drive. When you delete a file it is not completely erased from the hard drive. The data is just removed from Windows file system so it no longer "sees" the file. The files are then marked and Windows over writes information over the information that was deleted. That's why it is crucial that you use recovery software as soon as possible if you accidently erase a file. Also not to use the computer until all the files have been recovered.

It is also important to save the recovered files onto another drive when recovering. Or else you might overwrite the files you trying to recover with the files that you have recovered.

A program that will help with recovering your files and that is the most highly rated program is Stellar Phoenix

  • Easy to use.
  • Just download and install the program
  • Select driver recovery
  • Select the drive where the recovered files should be stored
  • Then click scan now.

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