How does Internet really works?

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I often wonder how does internet really works. I want to know how is it possible to search for something and show us the result in an instant. How does it really work? And how can we know if a pile of computers has an increasing or decreasing memory?

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How does Internet really works?



 It’s really wonderful that all information is coming on our home.

The internet is a network that is connected to millions of computers in all or world. Some computers are called servers and they would provide information to us. Many others computer called users and they would find information for their. Server can give facility to that users can send information to other user.

   This is done by much software. When you browse any information in your explorer then it is mainly worn by html and other languages and server administrator that they give information to us. When you contact any other user in internet then it is possible a software like yahoo messenger.

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How does Internet really works?


Dear jessica,

                       As the whole of the community is connected to the net as i am sending you a message through over a telephone the internet also works in this scenario. You have a number of the other computer you want to access then you make a call for that computer and then this computer will be connected over the network. It is easy to understand.

Finding all the result in one instant is like finding a phone numbers in a address book. You can see this phone numbers any time but in this case it will be the address of the website you want to visit and when you will visit this website then you will be able to see the website as you are able to connect you self over the network. I hope this will help you to make your mind.

You can just press ALT + CTRL + DEL and then go to process tab to see the memory of your computer any time when login.


Michal joran.

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How does Internet really works?


The Internet is an international network of computers that are linked together through telephone wires, satellite and the likes. We used the "Servers" to store information and share that information with other server and these will be available to the public. We used the "Browsers" to access the World Wide Web from our computer. It could be Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Netscape Navigator, Opera, Safari, etc…When connecting our computer to the internet, it will be connected to a type of server provided by your Internet Service Provider. Your ISP links your computer and the internet. It is possible that thousands of computers are connected with the server you are using. The screenshot below explains how the internet works:

The browser will send request to your ISP on viewing WebPages, emails, etc. But server could not possess all the information from the entire internet, so ISP should connect to other internet servers or to the common type called "Host Server". Each websites are placed on this host server. It stores information so it will be available for other server as well.


To start using the internet, just follow the steps below:

1. You can click on a hyperlink or type the URL on the address bar of your browser and press Enter or Go.


2. A request will be delivered to your ISP from your browser.

3. And then, your ISP will search on a large database of addresses and locate the server and send the request to the host server.

4. The requested page will be delivered to your ISP from the host server.

5. Lastly, your ISP will send the page you were looking for to your browser and it will be shown on your computer screen.


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