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Hello Techies,

I need to reformat 15 computers in my friend's internet cafe. What I'm planning is, I would reformat just one computer and install all the games and applications needed.

Then, I would use Acronis to clone or make an image of this computer and use this image on other computers. Is that possible and how will I do that?

Do the other computers need an operating system before I install the clone /image of the computer I've worked on, to other computers?

What do you guys think?

I would need all possible technical advice from all experts here.

Thank you very much.

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Hi Kenny,

Yes you can do this through installing cloning. Install the operating system and all the other software you need on computer then, use the cloning software CD to boot the machine. Using the software, create a compressed image of the entire disk and store in an external location such as a USB drive. The image is compressed so it won’t require as much space as the hard drive.

Copy the image to all the other machines, and then boot each machine using the cloning software CD. Choose an option to clone the new hard drive and then choose the image file from the options given. This will write the entire contents of the first disk to the new disk, and everything installed on the first machine will be installed on the other machine. You will not need to re-install the operating system.

Hope you find this useful.