How does bluetooth work ?

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How does bluetooth work ?

i have been thinking lately how does bluetooth work and how is my headset connected without a wire to my phone and how is voice transfered?

Can we use some device to see the transfer?



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How does bluetooth work ?


Bluetooth is an open wireless technology. It used to exchange data within short distances. It has a single digital and wireless protocol. Using Bluetooth we can interconnect many devices. For an example today we can connect many kinds of devices to our computer using the Bluetooth connection.  

Bluetooth uses a very complex method of transferring data.

Basically,Bluetooth has two power levels as lower power level and higher power level. The lower power are used to cover the small areas and the medium power level are used to cover the medium size areas.

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How does bluetooth work ?


Bluetooth is a low-power wireless connectivity technology and is the foundation for transformative wireless connectivity. It is used to transfer data, stream audio, and broadcast information between devices. There are two versions of Bluetooth technology: the LE or Low Energy and the BR/EDR or Basic Rate/Enhanced Data Rate. With Bluetooth LE, it allows short-burst wireless connections and utilizes numerous network topologies like broadcast, point-to-point, and mesh.

P2P or point-to-point is a network topology used to create one-to-one (1:1) device communications. It is like two persons talking to one another. The Bluetooth LE P2P topology is best for data transfers and connected device products like health monitors and fitness trackers. Broadcast is a network topology that creates one-to-many device communications (1:m).

The Bluetooth LE Broadcast topology is optimized for localized information sharing which is best for beacon solutions. Mesh is a network topology that creates many-to-many device communications (m:m). The Bluetooth LE Mesh topology creates large-scale device networks customized for building automation, sensor network, and others. With Bluetooth BR/EDR, it uses the P2P network topology to create one-to-one device communications which allows continuous wireless connections.

This is best for wireless headsets, speakers, and hands-free in-car systems.

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