How do you execute these types of programs?

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How do you execute these types of programs?  Let’s say the output of file A is “ab?.p” and that of B is “12?01.”  I want the output of file C to be based on files A and B, using something like interleaving technique (“a1b2??.0p1”) and file D to have an output based on the three files (“a1a1b2b2???”).

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How do you execute these types of programs?


Hello Loribelle,

I guess you have to use arrays to be able to successfully interleave the programs and execute them. You will take each program as a single array reference and therefore you will need to combine the two of them into a single array reference so that both parts of the data in the programs will be allowed to be used in a single collection as a method parameter or otherwise to be used for binding to a control.

Several ways can be used to combine the arrays, but I will suggest that you use the method whereby you will add a new array and there incorporate a loop through the two arrays to copy. It also could be something like ARRAY.COPY, or BUFFER.BLOCKCOPY.

You can also use the List type and the ADDRANGE method which invokes ToArray so as to combine the two arrays, in case the first method brings bugs.


Clair Charles

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