How do I use battery setting Toshiba satellite features?

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I formatted by new Toshiba laptop, however, after the formatting I realize that the battery life has substantially gone down. Is there a particular battery setting Toshiba satellite that could better the life of the battery? It is worrying since I use the laptop a lot in field work. Could it be that the formatting has something to do with it?

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How do I use battery setting Toshiba satellite features?


Hi Lynn,

Hope you are fine.

Sometimes, formatting the laptop thoroughly can slow down the laptop battery but it is not the problem in every case. Keep in mind the usage of battery also. Do not plug in your laptop when its charging is full.

Only plug in when there is 25%remaining. Try to hibernate not standby because standby consumes more battery than hibernation. Try to purchase a heat sink, it will absorb all the heat coming out and keep the laptop calm and cool.

Hope it will work.


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