How do I transfer bookmarks from Mozilla to Google Chrome

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I just recently downloaded Google Chrome.

An option to transfer bookmarks popped up but I don’t see a folder. Where could they be?

How can I transfer my bookmarks?

Are they hiding?

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How do I transfer bookmarks from Mozilla to Google Chrome


When you transfer the bookmarks from Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome they should show up on the bookmark bar.  If they are not there you can click on the wrench to get to the menu and click on bookmarks.  This should show the bookmarks that have been transferred.  There could also be a folder labeled imported from Firefox on the bottom of the bookmark bar.  You can also try transferring the bookmarks again by clicking on the wrench menu and then click import bookmarks or settings.  After doing this the bookmarks should be stored in the bookmark bar.  Here is a site that will help you get through the steps of doing the transfer

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How do I transfer bookmarks from Mozilla to Google Chrome


If you are currently using Mozilla Firefox or you are a long-time user of Mozilla Firefox and you want to try Google Chrome, you are free to do so. But you got confused when Google Chrome asked you to import bookmarks because you don’t see any folder on the screen. This is normal. Usually, when you install any web browser on your computer it will ask you if you want to import bookmarks the first time it is used.

I think web browsers do this by default. Unfortunately in Google Chrome, there is no option to import bookmarks from the default browser assuming that you already have a default browser or from other browsers except Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome only allows importing of bookmarks from Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and HTML file. Other browsers like Opera and Maxthon, they don’t show up on Google Chrome even if they are already installed.

If you have Mozilla Firefox and you already have bookmarks in it, you can directly import it to Google Chrome. To do this, start Google Chrome then go to menu located on the upper right corner of the screen. See image.

Point to Bookmarks and then select “Import bookmarks and settings”. In “Import bookmarks and settings” window, select Mozilla Firefox and then check which items to import. Next, click Import. See image.

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