How do i log onto my facebook ???

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Hi experts,

I have different addresses for mail since I changed servers.

How do I log onto my Facebook using a previous email address?

My PC and router are in different locations hence they can’t be connected, is it possible via wireless?

Any help

Thanks in advance

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How do i log onto my facebook ???


Hi Adham,

I can't see any problem why you can't log on to your Facebook. Account. You just need to use the primary address when you registered on Facebook every time you log in.

Don't use a different email Make sure that the one you enter is the appropriate email address which you used upon signing up on Facebook.

Even though you are using router in a different location, you just need to verify that you are the owner of the Facebook account by answering the secret questions which you have answered on Facebook for security protection.

For more information you can visit the link.


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How do i log onto my facebook ???


If your problem is log-in to Facebook, as long as you have your internet connection on your computer, you can login into your Facebook account.

Based on your story, you have different emails since you have changed server. Are these email addresses registered to Facebook?

If it is not, which email is registered?

You need to know this because your email address will be the one to be used as username to logon to Facebook.

If you are not really sure which one is registered on Facebook, you can verify it by clicking the forgot password option in the Facebook logon page. You will be prompted for the email address registered on Facebook.

Facebook will then tell you if that email was not yet registered after submission.

In this way you can check which email is registered with Facebook.

Regarding to your network setting, there are so many articles here in techyv about networking.

Just have a time reading them for your reference.

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How do i log onto my facebook ???


Logging in to Facebook using your previous email address is still possible. However, this will only work if that previous email address of yours is still registered as an alternate email address saved in the Facebook settings.

On Facebook, Account settings, you can add an alternate email address to register. A sub-account as I may say and this sub-account has the same function of what your primary email address has when logging in to Facebook.

  • Go to Facebook website
  • Log-in using your previous email address
  • If you can't log-in, then log-in using your primary
  • After logging in, you can register your previous email address as an alternate
  • Click the drop down arrow beside Home
  • Go to Account Settings
  • Then register or add additional email address
  • You can now then start log-in on Facebook using your previous email address

Now, about the router and computer you have, if they are in different location, they can still be connected using wireless connection. But this has limitation that can extend up to 1000 meters. They must not exceed to this distance in order to let these 2 devices communicates to the Internet.

Router can broadcast wireless connection up to 1000 meters the longest but this can be extend by the use of wireless repeater or booster. Install this device and you should be able to connect to the Internet wirelessly. But again, it has limitation how far they can be separated.

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