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I recently had a wireless router installed for my home network. I didn't know much of its security configuration as the DSL provider technicians did the whole installation and they only asked me to give a shared key 'passphrase'.

I shared the key with my family but for sometime my Internet speed wasn't that good as before and there are some other unknown MAC addresses that keep popping up on the Client Table without anyone I know is on the network.
Is there anyway to limit the access on my router beside the pre-shared key? My router is a PROLiNK Hurricane 5301G.

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Yes, there is. Wireless MAC Filtering is a form of securing your wireless connection.

Intruders may pass through the shared key part but not through the MAC address part.
What the router does at this stage is, it would check the MAC address of the requesting wireless PC but if that MAC address isn’t listed on the MAC address table that you set, then the router won’t give permission. 
Another solution is disabling the SSID of your wireless router.
Please check the link as this would help you know how to setup the advanced wireless settings on your router.

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Here are a few tips to secure your modem/router:

As reference, please download PDF File here, as I will be referring to the pages from time to time.
  1. Under Wireless Basic Settings - Do not leave your SSID at the default setting. Usually the default setting is the router brand and model. Sometimes, the brand and model of the router is all that a malicious individual needs to know, to access your router without your knowledge.
  2. Under Wireless Basic Settings - Lower the radio power just enough to get good signals inside your house. This will lessen the possibility of neighbours or people on the street from detecting your WiFi signal.
  3. Under Wireless Advanced Settings - Set Broadcast SSID to "disabled" to prevent other people from finding your WiFi signal. Enable it only when you have a new device that you want to connect to the router.
  4. Under Wireless Security Setup - Use WAP2 Mixed if all your wireless devices supports it.
  5. Under Wireless Access Control - Set "Allow Listed" and list down all MAC addresses that you want to allow.
  6. Optionally, you could turn off DHCP or at least limit the IP pool range. For example if your house has only 5 wireless devices, then limit the IP pool to This will prevent too many users from connecting wireless to your router all at once.