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I opened a cyber cafe 2 years 3 months ago. I got someone to install the timers and all the other programs required. But so far I have purchased and had to install more than 10 timers. Am even tempted to think that the person whom I pay to do the job, installs cheap timers so that I continue paying him to install more. Now I have decided to install them my self. My question is, how do I go about it? How do I make sure that I install them properly to ensure that they communicate with the server?

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You can use an internet cafe management software which is a complete application package intended to managing an internet cafe which allows you to control the business manners of your internet cafe. They do not need require high knowledge in IT and software to install and operate.

This software’s allows you to control customer desktop from main server computer. You can control users by adding limitations, make new accounts, track usage data, allow various packages to customers, generate bills and develop monthly reports. There are several applications you can use and most of them are free.

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