How to configure ABA server?

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I just need somebody to tell me why I am receiving an annoying error message while connecting to the server of ABA?

Can you please tell me how this should this be fixed?

Is it better to have my system restarted?

How may I be able to continue configuring to ABA server?


Unable to run the local business server.

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How to configure ABA server?


The cause of the error is missing files from the installation folder. So the best thing that you can do is to insert the installation CD then run it and choose repair option. It should work. If you will also report this to ARIS Global Support, they will tell you this solution and tell about the missing file.

The other option for this error is to disable or deactivate report server. It is running by default. By deactivating it, it will system performance. To do that open this file <ARIS installation directory>serverconfiguserServerSettings.cfg with notepad or any text editor then insert this code <reportserver active="false" />

Save then restart. Hope this helped.

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