How to detect recovery boot sector of pen drive effectively?

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Hi everyone,

Hope all is well, I want to ask how to detect recovery boot sector of pen drive effectively. How can I make this possible? Please include its own overview and key features. Also, what are its pros and cons. Please answer in details and be specific. Thank you so much for your help.

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How to detect recovery boot sector of pen drive effectively?


Hello Rodriguezscotte,

One way of detecting the boot sector in a pen drive is to use a UNIX based operating system, say Linux or Ubuntu. UNIX will show all the files on the drive unlike its Windows counterpart.

Another way is to use specialty software which recover damaged files including boot sectors. Also, if you are booting from your pen drive, set the USB option first in your BIOS boot option.


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How to detect recovery boot sector of pen drive effectively?


Hi Rodriguezscotte,

Your computer can detect the boot sector of the pen drive by having its boot sequence changed. 
You have to set your computer to read from the bootable removable devices upon starting. Such 
feature can be changed from your computer's BIOS.
Here is how you can change it: 
1) Start your computer and when you see the screen below:
Tap Delete, F1 or F2 key (Usually depends on your computer manufacturer) from your computer's 
keyboard to get into your computer's BIOS setup.
2) Look for Boot from the BIOS menu
NOTE: (You can go through each options using the arrow keys from your keyboard and pressing 
3) Change the Boot sequence and  ​select Removeable devices as your first device to boot from.
4) Exit and don't forget to save the changes.
5) Restart your computer, upon starting you will be prompted "Press any key to boot from..". Just 
tap the enter key and your computer will start using the pen drive as your boot device.
Key feature:
– Allows you to start your computer and recover it when the Operating system from the hard drive 
gets corrupted.
– Gives you an option to save the files from the computer's hard drive in the event that the only 
solution to fix the computer is to do a full format which erases everything.
Here are the Pros and Cons of booting from a Pen drive:
– Pen drives are reusable. You can always change its content and have a different Operating system installed in it to boot from. It can also contain your DATA along with your Operating system. 
– Pen drives are lightweight. Thus, you can carry it around with ease and lets you carry almost everything you need right into your pocket. 
– Booting off from a pen drive takes longer than the usual Hard drive bootup process.
– Booting off from a pen drive sometimes fail on some computers. It is due to some computers not having an option to boot from removable devices. (Usually the case for older computer models) 

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