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Author: Hasnat
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I have a sandisk brand pen drive. This pen drive is affected by virus. The virus auto runs when I delete that virus then before that it automatically stars running and then my PC shuts down. It's a great problem. I cannot delete this virus in my pen drive. Also it has affected my PC and that’s why I need suggestion friends.

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Dear Hasnat,

I can feel what kind of trouble you are facing. To over come this issue, you need a USB Disk Security software.
This is a best software which protects your system from USB virus / Malwares.
After downloading and installing, insert your pen drive. It automatically checks the virus in pen drive and prompts for action.
You can select all detected threats and delete all. Pull out your pen drive and again insert into computer.
Your pen drive will be free from autorun virus.

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Sometimes Antivirus are not able to detect such autorun virus from a pen drive. So it's good to know how to remove autorun.inf manually and here's how:
  1. Go to Notepad, select File, then Save As (with a filename of autorun.inf).
  2. Copy the file you created and paste it in Pen Drives.
  3. Lastly, eject your pen drive.
And when you re-insert your drive, your computer won't be able to detect any virus.
You can also use USB Firewall. It will alert you of any autorun virus detected to prevent infecting other computers. When you receive a warning about autorun.inf, simply click Show Autorun.inf and you'll be able to see instructions about the file. If you did not put that autorun.inf file in your drive, then just click Delete and it will be cleaned by the USB Firewall.
To remove virus from your PC, I suggest you to download Malwarebytes, it's such a helpful tool.