How to correct exported drawings made in Illustrator

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I exported my drawings made in Adobe Illustrator such as DXF and DWG files to be able to open it in AutoCAD for Mac 2011. But the problem is the curves and circles become straight lines in AutoCAD. So, the circles become squares etc. I exported to an older version of Adobe Illustrator to be able to correct the issue, but it doesn’t work. What steps should I make to correct this? 

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How to correct exported drawings made in Illustrator


Hi Kacie,

When copying the documents from illustrator, I will advice that you try the following procedure and see if it helps;

In illustrator, select the images that you want to copy, and them press control C or go to edit and then click copy.

Go to Autocad and then  open a blank page. This time do not use the short cut CTRL+V for pasting, but go to the menu bar and click on Edit and look for the option called 'paste special'. Paste special allows the copied images to retain their formatting as they were in the source which is illustrator.

See if this works for you.


Lee Hung.

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