How to convert xls file into text file in unix?

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I need your help. I want to convert some XLs files to text file in Unix. But which software is best in this regard? How to use it? Please, give me a link of that software with the process of using.



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How to convert xls file into text file in unix?


For converting XLS file to text file in a UNIX environment this link may be of good use to you- you will get some resources here and download these.

The given XLS type file is created in using Microsoft Excel and it is ideal in listing of data in a convenient cell format.

Here are some Instructions:

1.   Open up the XLS file using the program Microsoft Excel and edit your document as your needs. Click one the OFFICE ICON “file” in some of the versions of Excel file; then SAVE here on the main menu for saving any changes.

2.   Now CLICK on the Office icon further; then go to SAVE AS and save it. For this go to the SAVE AS TYPE from the drop down list at the bottom of the box; now select the TEXT (TAB DELIMITED) OR CVS COMMA DELIMITED from the given options. This will then format the given XLS file as the required plain text file with tabs or commas between each cell of data. CLICK on SAVE now.

3.   Now SELECT on OK while prompted for deciding whether you want to save the active sheet of the file of TAKE NOTE: you need to repeat these prescribed steps for each of the worksheet in the XLS file. CLICK on the YES option if you’re prompted having a message on the feature of compatibility of the nature of the text file will thus cause some of your formatting process from EXCEL to change.

4.   Open up your newly created text file in the NOTEPAD, WORDPAD, or other text-based program to view your input data.

This link may be of good use to you and go here-


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