How to convert TEXT to CSV on Mac Laptop

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Ok so as the title explains it, I have a Laptop running on Mac OS and some text files, a lot of text files actually. What I need to do, is some how convert them to csv format because the files contain a lot of data, and it is really hard for me to get them analyzed. Especially if I must copy paste every file into another file…you understand what I am talking about. So my question for you, is how to convert TEXT to CSV on Mac and what tools of software do I need. When answering to this, please provide me some step by step instructions if the process of converting is complicated.

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How to convert TEXT to CSV on Mac Laptop


Hello Robert!

You don't need to copy and paste all the data, that isn't a necessary work, but here is how you can convert your text files to CSV.

First, find a tab character in the file/files you want and copy it. You can see that a character is a tab character because that's how the information in the text is separated. Make sure you copy only one tab. (You can also open a new document, press Tab and then copy it).

Then, open the Find and Replace command (Command – F). In the Find box, paste the tab character, since you can't type it. In the Replace box, type a comma. The press Replace All. Even if you see a lot of places where multiple commas appear, ignore them.

Then press Save As or just Save. When saving, change the extension of the file to .CSV or type it from scratch if there is none already set. When a dialog box appears, click that you want to use CSV as a format.

Now you can open the CSV file in Numbers or Excel.

Good luck!

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