I/O failure operating on Borderlands 2

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This morning this error appeared when I was trying to to run my game Borderlands 2. I don’t know what happened since last night worked just fine. I don’t want to reinstall the game because it takes a lot of time and I will lose all the savings in game. Can anyone help me to repair my game and please explain me what I did wrong ?

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I/O failure operating on


RaiseExceptionO Address = 0x74e19673 (filename not found) [in


GetOutermostO Address = 0x1823cd3 (filename not found) [in

J:SteamsteamappscommonBorderlands 2BinariesWin32Borderlands2.exej

GetStackOwnerClassQ Address = Oxl6fZfl2 (filename not found) [in

JSteamsteamappscommonBorderlands 2BinariesWin32Borderlands2.exe]

AK:Monitor.:PostCodeO Address = O,ddl5d7b (filename not found) [in

JSteamsteamappscommonBorderlands 2BinariesWin32Borderlands2.exe]

GetStackOwnerClassQ Address = Oxl6bdOlO (filename not found) [in

JSteamsteamappscommonBorderlands 2BiriariesWin32Borderlands2.exe]

Address = 0x1262e49 (filename not found) [in

1SteamsteamappscommonBorderlands 2BinariesWin32Borderlands2.exe]

GetStackOwnerCiassO Address = 0x17522f5 (filename not found) [in

JSteamsteamappscommonBorderlands 2BinariesWin32Borderbnds2.exej

GetStackOwnerCLarssQ Address = 0x16a1605 (filename not found) [in

)SteamsteamappscommonBorderlands 2BinariesWin32Borderbnds2.exe]

Addrecc OxlZZS6ab (filename not found) [in

JSteamsteamappscommonBorderlands 2BinariesWin32Borderlands2.e.xe]

BaseThreadlnitThunkO Address = 0x75141114 (filename not found) [in


RtllnitializeExceptionChainO Address = 0x7737b299 (filename not found) [in


RtllnitializeExceptionChainO Address = (hc7737b26c (filename not found) [in


RtLlnitializeExceptionChainO Address = 0x7737b26c (filename not found) [in


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I/O failure operating on Borderlands 2


I noticed in the error message that you are using two different drives for playing Borderlands 2, drive C and drive J. If drive J is an external hard drive or a network drive, make sure the connection is still working because that’s the usual cause why an input / output error is generated. If drive J is an external hard drive, make sure it is properly connected in the USB port and the drive is placed in a safe spot.

Most of the time, when the USB cable of an external hard drive is frequently touched unintentionally, the connection between the drive and the computer gets interrupted. And that causes an input / output error. If drive J is located in a network, check if your computer is properly connected to the network.

Check the network cable attached at the back of your CPU and make sure it is connected properly. You should also check the other computer where drive J is located and make sure it is still running. Another possible reason is a not properly installed video card. Check the video card attached inside your CPU and make sure it is securely inserted.

You may also try transferring the video card to another slot and try the game again. But before you touch the inside part of your CPU, don’t forget to shut down your computer and unplug it from the outlet. If there’s no problem in any of the areas I mentioned, make sure the game is compatible with your operating system. Check the system specifications at Steam: Borderlands 2.

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