How to convert pixel images using Adobe: convert image to vector File

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I am using Adobe Illustrator and I need to convert image to vector File but don’t know the exact steps that need to be followed. So can you please let me know about the same? It will be really helpful for me. Thanks in advance.

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How to convert pixel images using Adobe: convert image to vector File


Hi. Before we start let me tell you what are pixels and why is there a need for a vector image. All the images are seen by you on your PC are in pixels. However, because it cannot be understood by the lab machine as to how can the picture be cut because it is not very clear? So it needs to be converted into a clearer format which can be done by converting the image into a vector form. In the vector form, the size of the image can be increased without the issue of it becoming all blurred.

The steps that need to be followed to convert image to vector File are as follows-

1) First, pick out the picture that needs to be converted.

2) Open the Adobe Illustrator. Upload the picture.

3) Select the selector tool indicated on the table of tools on the left of the screen. Then, select the image. If a blue box appears around it, it means that the image has been selected.

4) On the upper half of the screen, there will an option live trace? Click on the arrow facing down next to the option.

5) In the drop-down list, click on tracing options

6) Once the window opens, check the box next to preview so that any changes you make to the image are visible

7) After you click on tracing options box, click on the check box of ignore white

8) The threshold value of the image can be changed by adjusting the value written in the box between 1 and 255

9) After you are done editing all values, click on trace

10) To stop tracing, select Expand

11) Now, click on color indicated on the right side of the window to start coloring the image

12) To ensure that you can start filling in the color, make sure that the black box is above the white box along with a slash colored red passing through it

13) Now when you are done filling the color, change the color of the stroke back to black

14) Save the File and you’re done Hope we helped.

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