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Please help me resolve my issue with converting AWW doc to Word DOC file in order for me to easily and quickly edit texts. Doc file is also the most commonly used processors so there's no reason why I should use any other software in doing with common computer tasks.

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You can download the AWW doc to word doc file converter.

It is an easy-to-use and powerful File Converter for converting files between various formats. Apart from AWW to doc you Can Convert Word 2007 to PDF, Word 2003 to PDF,Word 2007 to Word 2003, Word to html,Word to txt, html to PDF, text to PDF, image to PDF.

Ccharle William

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A .AWW documents are associated with the Ability Office Write document. If you still have this software loaded on your computer and there are less number of docs that needs to be converted over to a .Doc file then you may just want to the traditional copy and paste to a word application then save.

If you no longer have the software then the only option that you have left is to download the trial version of the Ability Software then open those files. When you save the file from the software make sure to choose the .Doc type

Suggested link for downloading the trial version: