How To Compress Video File For Email ?

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I was trying to send a video by email to grandfather. But it was not able to upload a video larger than 25 mb. It suggested to send it by Google drive. Since my grandfather does not know much about the Google drive so is there any way to send it by email either by compressing the video or by any other ways?

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How To Compress Video File For Email ?


1) Many times we have to share larger video with our colleagues , relatives and family. One of the best way is to upload the video on youtube and then send the link via email.

2) Or you can download software handbrake. Launch handbrake, Click source >open file to select the video you want to compress and then click open.

For Output Settings, choose Mp4 if it is not selected and select Web Optimized.

Click on Video and make sure that H.264(X264) is selected.

Click start to compress the video. After the video is compressed it is ready to share anywhere.

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How To Compress Video File For Email ?


Since email services can normally support up to 25 MB per email, the attachment has to be way smaller than this size. You can probably send the video by compressing it into a multi-volume archive and making it self-extracting so your grandfather no longer have to install any software. Here’s how to do it with 7-Zip. First, download 7-Zip and install it.

Once installed, open Windows Explorer and navigate to your video. Right-click the video you want to send then point to “7-Zip” and select “Add to archive.” On the next screen, make sure “7z” is selected in “Archive format.” In “Compression level,” you can set it to just “Normal” since you are compressing a video.

Setting it to “Maximum” or “Ultra” is not necessary because a video is already a compressed file and you cannot compress it further. Under “Options” section, check “Create SFX archive.” At the bottom under “Split to volumes, bytes,” enter without quotes “20m” for 20 MB. This will split the archive by 20 MB.

7-Zip create multi-volume archive

When everything is set, click “OK” to start compressing the file. When it is complete, the resulting multi-volume archive will have files with numbered extension (.001, .002, and so on) and an EXE file. Send these files individually to your grandfather as an attachment to your email including the EXE file.

When all parts of the multi-volume archive have been downloaded by your grandfather, tell him to double-click the EXE file to extract the full video. Once the video is extracted, he can now watch it on his computer. Note: to properly extract the file, all parts of the multi-volume archive including the EXE file has to be on the same folder.

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