How To Compare Two Columns In Excel For Matches?

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I have entered some data on my excel sheet, and I am afraid I have Written some duplicate values in two different attributes. Can I compare two columns in excel for matches?

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How To Compare Two Columns In Excel For Matches?


Yes, you can compare the columns in excel to find out any duplicate value by two methods:

i. Using a formula

• Open Excel, and in anew sheet, fill the following data:

A1: 1 C1:1

A2: 2 C2:2

A3: 3 C3:3

A4: 4 C4:4

Leave the column B empty.

Now, type the following formula in B1 address bar:


Then, select all cells from B1 to B5.

Finally, Click on fill in the editing pane, and then click on


ii. Using Visual Basic macro

• Open Excel, then press Alt+F11 to start visual basic

• Click on Insert, and then Module

• Now, enter the following code:

  •  Sub Find_Matches()
  •  Dim CompareRange As Variant, X As Variant, Y As Variant
  •  Now, set CompareRange equal to the range to which you want to compare the selection.
  •  Set CompareRange = Range("C1:C5")
  •  Go through each cell and compare it toeach cell in CompareRange.
  •  For Each X In Selection
  •  For Each Y In CompareRange
  •  If X = Y Then X.Offset(0, 1) = X
  •  Next Y
  •  Next X
  •  End Sub

• Now, press Alt+F11 again to return to Excel

• Enter the data in Column A and C same as in method 1.

• Select A1 to A5

• Now, go to macros and click on Find_Matches, then click on Run.

You can see the duplicate values in column B.

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