File in Use or is locked for editing

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Hi techyv experts,

I am posting here my problem using Microsoft Excel. I received an error message when I am in the process of saving my work.

File in Use is locked for editing

File in Use

is locked for editing Read Only

by ‘another user’ Notify

Open ‘Read-Only’ or click ‘Notify’ to open read-only and receive notification

when the document is no longer in use. Cancel

As I read on the error message above, I thought that somebody was using the file. As I checked, I found out nobody was using the file. I was suspecting for a virus that might be residing in the file buy after doing some virus scan in my computer, it turned out to be negative of any virus attack. What I did is just to Save As the file into another name.

Please share some comment on what is the cause of the error message, thanks a lot.

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File in Use or is locked for editing



This issue is caused by an Excel crash in which the file was not released. It may be your PC froze or hung up then you pushed the restart button, that may be one of the main causes. Or the file you are trying to open is on a network and it is used by another user. Of course you can edit the file when you are on shared network.

Try solving this issue: by saving your file again, just click the file button above, then click the saves as button and try renaming the file. You can also check the file attributes and make sure it does not have a READ-ONLY attribute checked. 

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